Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Wee Beasties

I so enjoyed painting the first lot of Timorous Beasties that I decided to paint some more.

Standing Fawn

Standing Fawn had the cutest pose so I just had to paint him. I think that I might have to have paint some more deer as their coats layer up so nicely with watery washes then textured brush marks layered up over the top.

Little Lop

Little Lop, well lop bunnies are pretty delightful but this guy took the cake.


Sparrows are one of my favourite introduced birds. This guy looked so sweet all fluffed up into his feathers. Should you be interested in purchasing any of these cuties, you can find them on our ellaCute store on etsy. Ooo there is a sale happening there also!


  1. Hey Marie,

    Thank you, I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend :)