Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Favourite Illustrator

In Your Soul are Infinitely Precious Things That Cannot
 Be Taken From You
Artists that explore the relationships between people and animals, people and people and people and the natural environment capture my interest. Those that have great technical ability combined with an inventive approach I am likely to love. Fumi Mini Nakamara is one of those. This first work is from the Our Hands Will Eventually Destroy Everything Beautiful series. More can be found here
Fumi Mini Nakamura's website 

Your Secret is Safe with Us

Her works are just beautiful, she uses coloured pencil with subtley that can only be described as sophistocated. Here we can see the artist trying to convey the responsibility that we as humans have to the environment around us. Nakamura's clusters of natural forms, animals and humans reinforces ideas of the interconectiveness of all things, a notion that appeals to me greatly within my own work and others. 


Every Promise is Meant to be Broken
These two works are from the Himitsu Series that she produced between 2007 - 2009. Here Nakamuru explores the connections between people and birds, such lovely lyrical works.

You can also follow this link to a great article in Hi Fructose Fumi Mini Nakamara in Hi Fructose

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the Hand 2

I just came upon this fabulous artist though a pg 'Design Org' on Facebook. This particular 'In the Hand' work is just beautiful even if it is somewhat disturbing. Follow the link to view more of Kate MacDowell's porcelain animals. The media itself effectively reinforces her concepts. Kate MacDowell