Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Yesterday in little ol' Kingsland we had a fabulous time at Crafternoon Tea, partially due to the delightful company and wonderful browsers and customers. I think that the scrummy baking that lovlies like Emma from The Little Card Factory, Alice from Absolutely Alice and Kylie from Broken Bits (whose excellent idea it was), might have had something to do with it too.

Yes we had cake for breakfast!

Well I can bake, however not consistently. It is not a skill I aim to develop as I seem to end up eating it all which does not do fabulous things for the figure. Instead I decided to do what I am good at, and paint a pink animal. The first thing that sprung to mind was a pig, which are cute, but not necessarily what people would like to have on their walls. The next idea was of course, a flamingo. They have such a lovely retro feel to them, combined with their stunning colour, I decided they would be the beastie to paint.

Their gorgeous hue is derived from the krill they eat.

Here is the final illustration here, which I framed using a pink ribbon and reference old copperplate flourishes. 

It is painted on 300gsm water-colour paper and available on Felt

From this water-colour I did a limited edition series of 25. There are still 15 at this stage left which I would love to move quickly so as I can get the funds to the NZBCF. There are available to purchase too, just follow this link to ellaquaint on Felt

Little A5 digital prints on 185 gsm watercolour paper.

This poor blog has been so neglected this year, in part due to the number of markets I have been doing and I fear that it will stay a little quiet due to the fact that I am back in the class room again too. Hopefully I won't neglect it entirely but my apologies if it gets even quieter.