Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texture Fix

A couple of years ago, I made many lovely cards using a wide variety of different collaging materials. Included within that was some recycled, handmade paper that Liz brought back from India. At the moment I am house sitting and I saw sitting out a card that I had made for a dear friend's birthday.

I so love the different surfaces and textures used in here.

The green form is of recycled paper, I have used old embroidery thread and a found kereru feather. Unfortunately I just could capture the colours within it, you only get a hint at the iridescent colours.


However, I am happy with how the camera picked up the different textures. I wonder if I could paint a single feather with that much precision and detail. It is quite amazing the difference between the insulating part and the sleek half used for flying.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Step by Step

Someone had the brilliant idea that I document my painting process. Because I layer up the acrylics in a manner similar to oil paint glazes, it allows for a subtlety to the paint work that you wouldn't otherwise get.

Painting is a layering process so to get richness and depth to the colours, I layer them up considerably. This also helps the whole image / subject to link together visually.

Once I have the basic form roughed out, I then start to add the details. My feathery paint brush work has been described as OCD . . . um maybe. The final finished painting 'Piwakawaka Iti'  is documented in my other blog,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eye Balm

Pattern, and obsessive compulsive detailing are elements that I am attracted to when viewing a work of art. As a lover of William Morris patterns, I was delighted to come across the illustrations of Anna Emilia. She has a wonderful sense of colour that to me evokes winter in the 1940's.

William Morris Willow Leaf
Her attention to detail captures your attention and is perfectly balanced with her use of negative space and airy white backgrounds. This takes the Victorian 'more is more' type fussiness and infuses it with and simplistic elegance that allows you to appreciate the natural forms that Anna Emilia has rendered.

Anna Emilia Apple Blossom Meadow

To see more of Anna Emilia's work you can check out her website here

or her blog

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Self-indulgence . . .

Happiness is a full biscuit tin
I 'heart' new art materials

Fresh Beginnings

Well after many hours thinking about it, wistfully discussing it I am back in the saddle. It looks like it might not be just myself either which will be fantastic. My crazy cousin Liz Thomas, who is also an artist has come up with many projects that we could work on together.

Because the array of ideas that we have had has been ridiculous, I have decided to branch out and dabble in other areas apart from just paint. Illustration has always been a passion and I am so inspired right now by the many, many talented people that are out and about. However, my manu (birds) will not be forgotten. In fact there are many schemes my brain is devising as to how to explore them further . . .

A new beginning needs a fresh identity.