Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Manu

Well, my trusty printer threw a wobbly and refused to print on the 270gms watercolour paper that I so loved. Actually I am amazed that I got away with it for so long as I would have to run the dehumidifier for at least a day before printing to get it to go through the machine. On the bright side, it encouraged me to take the step of getting some works professionally printed and I am thrilled with the results.

Ruru 2011
They are prints based on original watercolour illustrations that I did. They are then printed using archival pigmented inks upon Hahnemuhle William Turner paper, which is 310gms in weight and designed specifically  for creating archivally sound digital reproductions.

Huia 2011

 Another wonderful thing about this paper is that it is matt and has a similar texture to watercolour paper. It also has a lovely velvety effect within the dark tones of the images, which reinforces the depth that I try to achieve in the layering up of different hues.

Piwakawaka 2011

I am also stoked not to have to be stressing about sourcing the crazy paper and battling with my printer anymore. The number of times it nearly got thrown through the window!

Should you be interested in checking out these new additions to the ellaQuaint aviary, further images are available for viewing on link to Felt.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Auckland Art and Craft Fair

Guess what is on this coming Saturday? Come and check out the fantasticness that is going to be the Auckland Art and Craft fair. There are going to be so many talented vendors there, to get a sneak peek into who will be attending, check out the interview on the Auckland Art and Craft Fair Blog