Monday, February 21, 2011

Fresh on Felt

Wikitoriana Lace by Ella Thomas 2011
We have made it onto Felt. Even better there is an image of Wikitoirana Lace featured on Fresh on Felt, one of the blog posts that the site runs.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Urban Kereru

This gorgeous beauty was seen in the streets of Melborne, Australia. I don't think that he flew there of his own accord. What a gorgeous piece to put into a grey old urban envrionment. Thanks to Wooster Collective for this treasure.

You can check out their brilliant site here woostercollective

Monday, February 7, 2011

a bird in the hand . . . is kind of cranky.

As I was researching images on the net, I came across quite a few images of birds actually being held. In the process of monitering and assisting them, of course it can't be helped. It got me thinking about different notions around the saying 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.'

a peeved piwakawaka

How old fashioned the values are behind that expression. With regard to endangered species and ecological ideals, it is completely the reverse now-a-days; we want them to be free and to be reestablishing themselves in our forests.

a beautiful kokako

I have to admit that I was silly and didn't record where I got these images, so if I 'borrowed' them from you. Please let me know and please may I use them :)

Here you can view the paintings that resulted from these ideas

Friday, February 4, 2011

Layer upon Layer

The darker a painting is, the more washes of paint that went into it. Tui in particular take quite a bit of working up to achieve the depth of colour that creates a similar lustrous effect like that on their feathers.

The first couple of layers rough out the shape, while the next ones start defining the tui's form.

Once the form is starting to take place, the planes of the feathers are worked up; until lastly the details within her plumage.

Finally she is finished, with the addition of her poi and collar feathers.

You can see additional images on Toggle, where she is available for purchase

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buried Treasure

Attempting to tidy up my studio, I came across some old letraset that I had forgotten about. In the pile was this sheet of flourishes of used on old copperplates.

They are just fantastic referencing Victorian printing and publishing. Previously motifs I have used have been based on kowhaiwhai and whakairo patterns. There is potential mabye for them to be combined?
'Korimako Iti' 2011

Gregory Euclide, one of my favourite artists uses swirls wonderfully within his work. They have strong calligraphic references, and add an energy and dynamicism to the compositions, often framing smaller scenes; vignettes within the larger work.

'Sea no Evil Benefit' Gregory Euclide

He too explores ideas relating to the environment and his work successfully fuses traditional painting techniques with contemporary drawing techniques; including using 'trash' materials like stickers and felt markers.

'Shook Suspension on Hidden Marsh'  Gregory Euclide

This work has a rather unfortunate connection to recent natural disasters within New Zealand. Euclide produced it in 2005, so quite some time ago.

You can see more of his recent work here, his relief scenes, installations and flat works are brilliant . . . enjoy

'Korimako Iti' is available on

Here is an article on Euclide's latest reliefs which are fantastic, hopefully you can read spanish