Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buried Treasure

Attempting to tidy up my studio, I came across some old letraset that I had forgotten about. In the pile was this sheet of flourishes of used on old copperplates.

They are just fantastic referencing Victorian printing and publishing. Previously motifs I have used have been based on kowhaiwhai and whakairo patterns. There is potential mabye for them to be combined?
'Korimako Iti' 2011

Gregory Euclide, one of my favourite artists uses swirls wonderfully within his work. They have strong calligraphic references, and add an energy and dynamicism to the compositions, often framing smaller scenes; vignettes within the larger work.

'Sea no Evil Benefit' Gregory Euclide

He too explores ideas relating to the environment and his work successfully fuses traditional painting techniques with contemporary drawing techniques; including using 'trash' materials like stickers and felt markers.

'Shook Suspension on Hidden Marsh'  Gregory Euclide

This work has a rather unfortunate connection to recent natural disasters within New Zealand. Euclide produced it in 2005, so quite some time ago.

You can see more of his recent work here, his relief scenes, installations and flat works are brilliant . . . enjoy

'Korimako Iti' is available on

Here is an article on Euclide's latest reliefs which are fantastic, hopefully you can read spanish

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  1. I like the flourishes... they add that 'extra something' to the paintings! :)