Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texture Fix

A couple of years ago, I made many lovely cards using a wide variety of different collaging materials. Included within that was some recycled, handmade paper that Liz brought back from India. At the moment I am house sitting and I saw sitting out a card that I had made for a dear friend's birthday.

I so love the different surfaces and textures used in here.

The green form is of recycled paper, I have used old embroidery thread and a found kereru feather. Unfortunately I just could capture the colours within it, you only get a hint at the iridescent colours.


However, I am happy with how the camera picked up the different textures. I wonder if I could paint a single feather with that much precision and detail. It is quite amazing the difference between the insulating part and the sleek half used for flying.

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