Thursday, April 5, 2012

Only 55 Left

of the world's smallest dolphin. Our rarest sea mammals are in the very real danger of becoming extinct. Hector's and Maui's dolphins are also known by many other names including Tutumairekurai, Aihi, Papakanua, Upokohue, Tukuperu, Tupoupou and Hopuhopu. Both the Maui's who number just 55 and their relatives the Hector's dolphins are rapidly declining in numbers. Additional facts on both dolphins can be found at the Forest and Bird site.

Image from Kaitiaki Our Dolphins

You can have your say and help encourage the government to put through legislation that would give them larger areas to inhabit that are free of gill nets, allowing them a better opportunity to replenish their numbers. Submissions can be made here, on the Forest and Bird submission node.

Image from Liz Slooten's article on Scoop

Please support this worthy cause by addition to submissions that will be presented to the government. Remember forever is forever, future generations will want to be able experience these treasures too. Submissions close on the 11th April.

Image from The Winter Dolphin Chronicles

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