Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Timorous Beasties

'Fawn' closeup

It has been a little while since I last did some water-colour painting. After a bit of encouragement from Alice I finally painted these wee guys just in time for Easter :)

'Fawn' framed

The image of 'Fawn' was wonderful to work off as it really showed the detailed patterns that occur on it's little face and around it's eyes.

'Sparrow' unframed

'Sparrow' was so much fun to paint. I think that I might need to paint her a few little friends to hang out with the gang.

'Rabbit' with a real daisy

'Rabbit' has a cheeky little grin as he snacks on a daisy. As you can see they are very cute by themselves or they also look fabulous hanging out together.

'Timorous Beasties'

Better photos will come as the weather clears up and you can view them in detail on Felt or Etsy. Larger Glicee prints are arriving shortly!

You can also check them out this weekend at the Silo Night Market and Cinema, Amelie is playing. Also we will be at Kraftbomb this Sunday from 11 - 2 pm


  1. They are all very good,my fav would be the sparrow, cheers Marie

  2. Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much :) I think that sparrow is my favourite also. I hope you had a lovely weekend x