Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flourishing Manu

For the market I produced some lovely little illustrations that were based on the aesthetic of old engravings. For fun I had them perching on a vintage copperplate flourish based on some images I had on old letraset. I love playing with language and the way you can add meaning through devices like puns etc;

Piwakawaka and tui are both species that have adapted and are still prevalent throughout the country. Here you can find out how to participate in the landcare survey recording the diversity of the bird-life in your area Birdwatching in your Backyard with Forest and Bird This is definately a worthwhile activity to participate in . . . like they say in the article, a good excuse to get outside.

Seeing as pihipihi / silvereyes were documented as being the most prevalent native species last year, I am definately going to have to do an illustration of one of those cuties to add to the little linen whanau.

Currently you can see the little works on the front page of Felt

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