Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finally I got it together to put up some of the artCards that I have made for sale on Felt. They are time-consuming to make, but so much fun. Being a chronic hoarder, you know the ol' 'it can be re-used' adage, these little art works are a fitting end for some of the treasures that I have collected over the years.

daisy rabbit
Old magazines, vintage lace fragments, recycled calendars, handmade paper, inherited silk embroidery thread are just some of the ingredients that go into this range. They are all original designs and lovingly hand-made.

butterfly kisses
The silhouettes of the animals are hand-cut too, using stencils that I have made myself. The way that the light casts shadows upon the ground of the beasties is very effective.

golden birds

The cards will be available shortly for purchase via ellaQuaint on Felt

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