Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer Beasties

Ummm yes it has been a wee while, I do apologise.

So I am sure many of you have been enjoying viewing the 'Spy' series that is currently on TV 1 on Tuesdays evenings. This latest one has just been delightful, such amazing footage derived from some very ingenious cameras designs. 'Tiger - Spy in the Jungle' reminded me of when I was fortunate to capture a glimpse of a trio of tiger cubs in Ranthambhore National Park, while I was on holiday in India. It was one of the most fabulous experiences in my life so far.

One of my better photos of the tigers.

As you can see, it is fortunate that I quickly realized my ambition to be a National Geographic wildlife photographer was not a feasible one. Yes my images are a far cry from the excellent footage that we get to see via elephant cams and rock cams and the like. The tigers themselves were so similar to what we saw this evening, as cubs they are quite hilarious creatures. One minute they were in plain sight  play fighting and as soon as you got the camera focused they would duck down to be camouflaged by the undergrowth. It was as if they were trying to foil our attempts to document them.

Seriously, there were the best two shots.

So I had been wanting to do a series based on large cats for a while and this latest wildlife documentary helped to inspire me to complete the sketches I had started. Unfortunately the lion had a mishap and ended up being like the Essex Lion, basically a thing of myth. It is unfortunate when a painting gets stuffed up. When compared with oils or acrylics; with watercolours if you make a mistake, there is not much you can do to hide it. Watercolours are a very honest media. I will have to do another lion as they are such stunning and majestic animals.

'Summer Beasties' in progress

Cheetahs have amazed me since a kid, the fact that they can reach speeds of up to 70kms an hour is astounding, even if it is just for a short span of time.

'Cheetah' 2012

As for the tigers, they really are my favourite big cat. The contrast of the orange against the black stripes and white under belly is just gorgeous. 

'Tiger' 2012

Soon I will get a new lion completed. Watch out for listings of the original watercolours and gilcee prints on my Felt and Etsy stores. Enjoy watching next weeks episode and I am so hoping that there is a happy ending after tonight's episode.

It's still my favourite cap :)

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