Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sadly . . . Cancelled

The Met service has predicted an 80% chance of electrical storms hitting later on this afternoon and evening. Well, if you are hankering to watch it, you could get it out on DVD :)

From the wonderfully kooky Wes Anderson, The Darjeeling Limited screens tomorrow night at the Silo Night Market and Cinema. I agree with the caption, 'I love this movie . . .'

Silo Cinema - The Darjeeling Limited


  1. this is craziness!

    I have just spent the last two nights watching this fantastic film for the second time.

    I must have manifested it!


    it's totally one of the best.

    have a great market!

  2. Thanks Louise :) Sadly it has been cancelled, but isn't it such a wicked movie?

    Have you see 'The Life Aquatic' also?