Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ma Beasties

I wanted to produce another little group of animals based on more of a Wintry theme. The idea of Arctic Beasties came about, then I came across 'Ma', which is white in te reo. Ma also has so many other subtle meanings that could be played with, especially in the context of peoples' relationship to animals.

Because so many people have enjoyed the Autumnal Beasties, I had intended to produce a range of prints based from these watercolours. Do you think I could get a reproduction I was happy with? No way, these works are just too subtle, and no matter what I do with the adjustments, I couldn't get a print where the outcome was satisfactory.

Here is a peek at the Arctic Wolf.

I am so stoked with how the layers subtly worked up the soft tones and textures.

Last but not least, an Arctic Hare. I love how wild and crazy they look with their big ears and soft, little faces.

Well they may not be able to be reproduced successfully, but the person who takes these guys home in their original archival water-colour form will be wrapped to have such unique beasties.


  1. Oh I just love this series! They are so engaging, there is something so quiet, fragile yet very powerful about white and cold - it's wild & raw. The eyes on your animals have true souls - just beautiful. These remind me of 'Doctor Zhivago'! :)

  2. I love these, ruby REALLY LOVES these!!!!

  3. Thanks so much Louise, that is so lovely :) I will definitely have to check out Doctor Zhivago.

  4. Hey Lily, How are you all? we must catch up soon it has been far too long! Hehehe just wait until you see the next lot I am planning :D