Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweden's Birds

Thanks to Wooster for this gorgeous collage of some of the images that were put up around the streets in Sweden.

Personally I think it is about making a statement about the lack of birdlife in urban spaces. Here in New Zealand we have issues with that ourselves, especially the lack of food bearing trees and green corridors for our native species. It would be fabulous if people would consider planting endemic plants that provide edible berries or nectar, our manu would benefit greatly from this and they would make our gardens even more enjoyable.

Follow the link to our favourite collective for the video footage by Jonas Nordborg. Wooster Collective


  1. I completely and whole heartedley agree with your thoughts! I live in the bush on Waiheke and feel so blessed by being surrounded by birds, and wish that others could share what I do!

    Growing more native plants would certainly bring the birds back. Also planting them in public places.

    I have lived in cities where I needed to sleep with earplugs fitted in my ears, so I really appreciate this. Apparently in some overseas cities the noise is so bad that the birds can't hear eachother sing any more - which is devastating.

  2. Louise you are so lucky, Waiheke is fantastic for the birdlife that happily lives there. I am in Mt Eden and it isn't too bad, for an urban suburb, but it certainly isn't anything near the variety and population of feathered friends that you would have.

    I can so understand needing earplugs for the noise pollution in densely populated cities, especially because of the traffic. I had never thought about the fact that birds are no longer able to communicate with eath other because of that though, it is crazy. It is bad enough hearing tui mimic car alarms and phone bleeps.