Sunday, April 21, 2013

celebrating and shaming . . .

We all love our pets regardless of the rotten deeds they might sometimes perform. One of my favourite places online for a giggle is Dog Shaming . . . here is one delightful miscreant below.

'Is it cold in here or is it just Zoey?'

Another site to make you snigger is My Cat is a Dick. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

I hate to think what this furry fiend was plotting.

Because my own feline at times lives up to her name, I decided to share her latest shining moments with you. 

Normally she is not this appallingly behaved, but just going through an adjustment period . . . I hope!

Now that you have seen a few examples, I am sure you can think of some misdeeds that your furry pal has done. Either that or you might have a hilarious photo that doesn't need a caption at all.

You mission  . . .

Is to email me a photo of your favourite beastie, either caught in the act or with a description of it's trick placed next to it.
It must be your own photo or one that is taken by family member or friend.
Entrants must be one of the fabulous folk who is a liker of the ellaquaint facebook pg.
Only one entry per pet.
I will then post the picture on my facebook pg over the next week and a bit of the school holidays. The photo with the most number of likes WINS.
The competition closes Sunday the 5th of May at 8.00pm. The winner will be announced at 8.30pm.

Up for grabs is two archivally sound giclee prints worth $70.00. They have been professionally printed on William Turner paper. The winner gets to select them from the ellaquaint range on Felt :)

email entries to

Thank you you darhlinks! x

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